Who We Are

Ben Stanger

Founder and CEO of Green Box Compost
Ben grew up in a family that interacted with soil intimately. They prided themselves on their large vegetable garden, and composted the scraps from their plates, turning them into nutrients for next year's garden. He knew this natural cycle from practice, and wondered if there wasn't a way to make it accessible to people with less time and space.

In 2017, after working at a green home builder and a sustainable seafood company, he discovered a composting company's van making it's rounds. He resolved to learn more about the industry, with an eye to helping his hometown of Madison access this important service. In 2021, he founded Green Box.

Esai Ponce

Chief Marketing Officer

Esai joined the team in the spring of 2022 to assist with marketing and operations for Green Box. He graduated from Knox College in 2017 with a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies. While at Knox a four-person team that he was a part of coordinated to set up an official chapter of the Food Recovery Network. This chapter is still operational and has saved thousands of pounds of food from going to the landfill and instead going to partner agencies for consumption.

Originally from Illinois, Esai has been in Madison since graduating in 2017 and enjoys the scenery the city has to offer. You might catch him taking some photos during a hike or out playing ultimate frisbee at the park. He hopes to preserve the nature in Madison and beyond as the movement grows.

Sarah Gabbert Brown

Residential Collection Team Member

Sarah, a lifelong recycler, took the Master Recycler course partnered through Sustain Dane and the City of Madison in Spring of 2022. Through this course and becoming a member of Sustain Dane, Sarah learned more about sustainable living practices and began to rethink her own sustainability journey and career.

After fifteen years of working in health care, she decided to make a career pivot and joined Green Box as part of the collections team in early 2023. Sarah is excited to be a part of a team focused on sustainability and reducing landfill waste.

Sarah enjoys browsing the graphic novel shelves at the library, eating veggie tamales, and nature hikes with her family.